Naming of Design Documents

Indication of title of technical documentation in the project is governed by requirements in the Technical Regulations. This applies to the title field on the front of documents and in the title block for drawings, as well as on document plans and other lists that refer to documentation. For standardization of titles for each project, shall it refer to the project's PDP.

Document Number

The document number is assigned by the project's document manager according to the project's PDP.

All technical documents and drawings produced by the project are assigned a unique document number. Each project unit's document management manager manages and assigns serial numbers to the projects and the external contractors. The document number is divided into subcodes and consists of project code, parcel code (area code), document type (subject code) and a 5-digit serial number.

ID Prosjekt Parsell code Subject kode prosjecting serial number
ABC - 99 - N - 12345

Example: URH-00-A-00001.

Subject codes are used to distinguish between the documentation of the various subjects that are part of the project. There is one technical code for design and another for documentation for management purposes. The subject code is to be used to group the technical documentation to which topic they are addressed and consists of one character.

(FIXME: Gjennomgå planfasene. Her er det mye rusk. Og prosjekteringsveilederen burde ikke være styrende på hva fagkodene betyr.)

Følgende fagkoder for prosjektering benyttes:

Fag-kode prosjektering Fagkode dokumentasjon Fag/anvendelse Merknad
A Tekstdokumenter All text documents that include cover pages, table of contents, professional text documents and drawing lists.
B Overview plan, situation plan line map and station plan (FDV) An outline plan that shows the entire plan area and any towns and landmarks that help to establish the area. The drawing letter is also used for drawings such as line maps and station plans such as scrolls. is used for FDV drawing, where the drawing number is matched to the original line mapnr.
C KO Plan and profile rail Displays the vertical profile in the upper half and the plan part in the lower half. The plan section shall contain coordinate networks, equidistance 1 m, north arrow, execution, reference geodata, and symbol use. The profile part shall be manufactured on the same scale as the plan part. Height and length ratio 1: 5. Displays the railroad path along with the terrain profile. The length profile is given in ‰ incline and fall, and radius vertical curves. Must show all constructions.
D KO, KU Station plans and line maps. Plan and profile roads and other tracks Used for areas that fall outside of C-drawings such as paved roads, operating and construction roads, parking spaces and railway stations, siding, pedestrian and cycle paths.
E KO, KU Different details Displays special elements of the plan, designing intersections and exits, and stations / stops.
F KU Profiles Typical profiles showing minimum dimensions for widths, lengths and heights. Typical electrical objects such as mast foundations for kl, signals, cable channels w / basins, structures, noise shielding, fences, railings and the like must be integrated. Reference lines are highlighted.
G KU Drainage plans Displays existing, redevelopment and new drainage systems. For basins drainage, stream intake / outlet detailed drawings are made.
H VA pipes Displays existing and redesigned public and private water and district heating lines. For sinks, pumping stations.
I KU cable pathways, foundations Displays cable pathways routes such as cable ducts and pipe junctions under tracks with basins. In addition, the drawing shows all the foundations related to railway technical facilities.
J KU Building technical details All details of the plant needed to describe construction of the plant.
K KU Structures and platform details All structures in the ground and in the terrain needed to establish the plant.
L KO Signs and marking plans Signboards with markings for signal, KL, track, telecom and public facilities.
M TE Telecommunications and customer information systems Used for all telecommunications schematic and geographical drawings for interior and exterior systems, customer information and speaker systems.
N EL Electrical Power Displays all equipment for high and low voltage power supply from delivery point to installations in plants.
Q Quality, security (including RAMS), HSE / SHA and text documentation All plans for documenting quality and safety, with RAMS documents, HSE and SHA, and associated checklists, control and quality plans.
R EH Cantenary system / Power supply Includes all installations connected to the track power and cantenary system. Mast table can be incorporated into drawing
S SA Signaling Displays all signal engineering drawings schematically and geographically for interior and exterior systems. The drawings are given a separate drawing number related to the project in addition to a signal drawing number related to the procedure for signal drawings.
T All illustrations and 3D models used for illustration and presentation of the project. Also applies to subject models and coordination models for 3D modeling.
U KU Cross Sections Displays the plant in section every 10 meters along the path.
V UB Geotechnical and geological drawings Shows basic surveys, measurements and assessments of the soil. Shows the necessary measures with basic reinforcement, bolting and other measures to achieve sufficient support.
W EI Area transferee- and zoning map Map with necessary land acquisition and landowner data. Regulatory plan map for use in land use decisions.
X EI Theme drawings Necessary drawings, visualizations and sketches needed to illustrate the project in addition to other drawings.
Y Laying out maps, track geometry, schematic drawings, temporary track plan and phase plans Map showing center track trace, with necessary firming marks used, and necessary laying out data for use in building the facility. Turnout Drawings. Phase plan describing order for the implementation of necessary changes in train performance. All phases should show the necessary steps needed to carry the train.
Z Quantity statement and summary. Risky work
0 Other technical documents (used if no other codes fit)


In addition, all documentation must have a revision number to satisfy the follow-up to the document's history. The revision number is not part of the document number.

The revision number for a document or drawing is a sequential number that increases by 1 each time a new revision of the document / drawing is officially released. For official releases, the revision code will also consist of a status code that tells the purpose of the release. 2 digits are used to ensure correct (alphanumeric) sorting in lists and reports. Note that the revision number is not part of the document number. It is a requirement that the counter in the revision number increases for each release. This means that there should not be multiple variants of the same number (00C, 00D, 00U etc) on a document or drawing. There should be no gaps in the revision series for a document or drawing. All official releases should be handled as revisions and thus covered by the rules of this instruction. The revision number should always start at 00 (first release), then the counter should continuously increase for each release. An official audit should always be combined with the release status (see table below).

Revisjons-bokstav Beskrivelse Eksempel
A Konsept / løsningsforslag Benyttes ved alle planfaser utredning, hovedplan, detaljplan og byggeplan 00A, 01A, ……
B Tilbudsgrunnlag. Benyttes ved dokumeter og tegninger som sendes ut på tilbudsforspørsel 02B, 03B,…..
C Arbeidsdokument/ -tegning. Benyttes på tegninger og dokumenter som utgis for bygging og installasjon. 04C, 05C,…..
D Som bygget. D-revisjonen benyttes på tegninger og dokumenter som utgis etter bygging og installasjon. 06D, 07D,…..
E Systemdokumentasjon og dokumentasjons av spesiell karakter. (prosjektmanualer, org. kart, systemdokumentasjon, datablader, ol.)
U Utgår. Dkumenter og tegninger som tidligere er utgitt og som skal utgå påføres neste løpenummer og status U 08U

For foreløpige interne utgaver kan det ved behov benyttes en revisjonskode for interne/foreløpige utgaver som ikke er en offisiell revisjon/utgivelse.

Final documentation

At the completion of the project, all as building drawings are documented and filed according to STY-605016, and the project's PSD. The documentation will then be given a new documentation number with a professional code for documentation and a new drawing number in the title field.

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